Carnival Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch Carnival 2013

This last Friday the 6th Highlands Ranch Carnival came to town. It is located on the Mountain Vista Highschool parking loot on the west side of town. The carnival is hosted by the Highlands Ranch Community Association. If you (or your kids) decide to use a lot of rides, make sure to buy an unlimited […]

Pho Lee

The best Highlands Ranch Pho Restaurant … is not in Highlands Ranch

A while ago I wrote about the restaurant “Pho 123” that is located in the shopping center at University and Mc Arthur. While it is a good Pho restaurant, it is by far not the best. Over the last few years I have tried quite a few Pho restaurants and lately I have settled for […]

Whole Health Center

My Experience with Acupuncture at Whole Health Center Highlands Ranch

Acupuncture is well-known for many years, but it still seems to be considered minor when it comes to treating certain conditions. More and more people turn away from traditional medicine and find ailing comfort in so-called alternative medicine which includes Acupuncture. Acupuncture would fit that category even though it has been around for centuries. This […]

Picture Gallery

Highlands Ranch CO

Highlands Ranch on Fire

Last Saturday afternoon I was driving westbound on Highlands Ranch Parkway when the sky lit up in a very dramatic way. I found a spot to safely stop my car and to take the panorama picture below. Please click the image to see the full-size image.

4th of July Parade

4th July Festivities Are In Full Swing

What a beautiful day so far here in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. It is a hot day though. Temperatures right now at time of this writing are 95 where I live and work. So, make sure to put lots of sunscreen on and wear a hat. This heat is brutal (but it is a dry heat […]

Real Estate

Highlands Ranch Home for Sale

Home Closing Checklist

You are buying or selling a home. An offer has been made and a closing date has been scheduled. You are on your way, but until you reach the finish line there is lots of work to do for both sides. Lots of paper signing is required before closing and it gets even worse at […]

house seller inspections

House Seller Home Inspection – Highly Recommended

You buy a new house and to protect yourself from buying a money pit you would usually send out a home inspector to have the house inspected for hidden damages and stuff like that. But only very few people actually get a home inspected as a seller of that home. They see it as a […]